The Nautilus Shell has been symbol of renewal and expansion. Some have signified it to be the symbol of proportional perfection. It has also been described as the most energetic and inspiring form known to human kind. To me, the Nautilus shell inspires me to bring predictability, proportional perfection, natural beauty, strength and energy to my dentistry.

Our vision and mission

We strive to provide the highest quality of comprehensive restorative and esthetic dentistry in a positive, comfortable and friendly environment. We believe in education and co-diagnosis, enabling you to make the best informed decision for your dental health. We value the uniqueness in you and will provide individualized care to suit your specific needs. We want to serve you beyond an appointment and develop a long term relationship with you built on trust. Our philosophy is to care, be compassionate, have concern for your dental health and to provide you with the highest level of care as we would for our family.

Why choose us?
  • We reserve your appointment time exclusively for you
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care
  • We invest in constantly updating our knowledge through significant CE training and being a part of organized dentistry
  • We are not satisfied with what is just acceptable and strive for excellence
  • We offer complete dentistry taking into consideration not only your teeth and gums but also the jaw joints and muscles
  • We offer customized person centered care
  • We believe in an interdisciplinary approach and work with reputed specialists and physicians based on your individual needs
  • We would like you to be part of the informed decision making process
  • We try to provide a solution for your dental treatment needs with a conservative approach
  • We care